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Repair Service for All your Service Needs

POE service centers provide our customers with convenient, efficient and quality service support for BOP service and repair. At our service center, BOP are inspected, repaired, remanufactured, tested and shipped to the customer. During the service process, service repair records for each BOP is documented properly which are beneficial to the customer in that they provide an accurate record of the BOP repair history in case any problems should arise concerning a specific process.

From minor repair to major overhaul, customers rely on POE service center. POE service center are maintained by POE with factory trained service engineers and technicians.

For remote locations, a POE service man can inspect at the site and often can supervise local repair work at a selected regional shop; this keeps the down time to a minimum and reduces costly shipping expenses.

Your POE serviceman evaluates your equipment and recommends procedures for restoring it to operating condition. Within POE standards for safety, customers select the repairs used to renew equipment in compliance with their budge and service guidelines.

Every BOP repaired/overhauled at POE carries a 12 month warranty and data package which includes all inspections, test charts.


Meeting Customer’s Needs

POE stocks replacement parts for immediate delivery support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Qualified personnel and a service “hotline” round the clock provide prompt service and logistical support. The service department consists of fully trained engineers/ technicians.


The POE Company

The principal competitive factors in the petroleum production equipment markets are engineering and design capabilities, product performance, reliability, quality and service at a right cost. POE believes several factors give it a strong competitive position in these markets. Most significant are POE’s broad product offering, its worldwide presence and reputation, its service and repair capabilities, its expertise in blowout preventers and pressure control systems and its experience in alliance and partnership arrangements with customers and other suppliers.

We appreciate your confidence in POE's ability to provide this technologically sophisticated equipment for drilling operation and offer lower cost development solutions.



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